Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's been a very long time since I've written anything here for my girl Chloe. Above you will see the hideous thing that took her from me. In April of 2016 I took Chloe in for a dental only to be told that she had melanoma on her tongue. The doctor removed this thing and we started Chemo and the vaccine to keep it from spreading to other areas of her body. We fought for two months but when we went in again to see if it had grown back, indeed it had and was bigger than the first time. Never could get clean margins and I decided to just not wake my girl back up. I always promised her that I would not let her suffer. I miss her so much, she was my world.

This is her on the day I had to say good-bye. It literally felt like someone ripped my heart out. I am crying now even over a year later as I write this. She was my Sunshine. She was my everything. I've had dogs my entire life but never the bond I shared with this sweet girl. I truly hope that I never have that type of bond with another dog, it just hurts too much.

This was her the first day in her new home. I will always love you Chloe forever and ever in my heart.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Helped a little dog out today

On my drive home today, I passed a dog running along side of a busy and high speed road. As soon as I passed, the pup ran out into the street causing several cars to quickly brake and swerve to keep from hitting it. Down the road I speed to turn around and go back after it, all along praying no one would hit it. I was pretty sure I knew where it lived.
Thankfully I made it back and dashed out of the truck to get it out of the road. She was scared and ran from me at first. I talked to her and eventually she laid down in the grass and rolled over for me to rub her tummy.
Amazingly, she had a collar with a number and contact address. I called and got a voice mail. I let the man know I had her and I couldn't take her home with my shar pei, they would not have been very happy. Luckily, the owner called back pretty quick and I delivered her back home.
Made me feel good to be able to see her home safely. Hopefully she won't get out again. The owner offered to give some money and I told him no, no, I would just hope someone would do the same for one of my pups.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bubby seems to be better

Cojak is feeling better. Not completely 100%, but getting there. I got mommy up early this morning though. One of my fevers started and I didn't feel very good. My shivering woke her up and she gave me my medicine to help me get better quick. I'm feeling better tonight. She says she just wants everyone feeling good again.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not Feeling Too Good

Yesterday, mommy came home from work early, yipee! But then, she took Cojak and put him in the car.....and left without me!!!
Turns out he had to go see the vet, boo!!! He's not feeling too good. Was walking around panting and wouldn't lay down. Didn't want to eat and drinking lots of water.
The vet took x-rays but didn't find anything that shouldn't be there. He just had blood work done about two weeks ago so we didn't do that again. She gave us some meds to settle his stomach and an antibiotic incase there is something going on.
He didn't even get up to go upstairs with me and mommy to bed last night. Mommy it's worried about him.
Today, daddy says he's been more active but mommy was at work all day and he's been laying down since she got home. He's still not eating much but hoping the big guy feels better tomorrow.
We'll keep you guys informed. Send some positive thoughts our way please.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy's not that great

She's making me miss posting all the happenings in our house. I have s few moments, do here's a run down of what's happened over the past few weeks.
First, I had to pee and I had to pee and not much would come out. I would be sleeping really good and.......then I would need to wake mommy up cause I thought I had to pee. She took me to see Dr Melton and they gave me some medicine and now I can pee again. The doctor said I had a nasty bladder infection, but going it's all gone now. Mommy has to take a sample up next week just to make sure.
Secondly, we put our doghouse up for sale!!! How exciting is that!?! Mommy says it's getting to be too much for Daddy to take care of everything. We are looking for a smaller place and a little less land. Hoping we get to move soon, but we will see.
Thirdly, Dakota had her first fever the other night. She did not feel well at all, but now seems to have bounced back. Mommy have her some medicine and she shivered for awhile but eventually got better. I have shar pei fever and mommy is praying that this is not the case with Dakota.
Lastly, Daddy went to the doctor the other day and said he needs to get a brace to help him walk better. He goes back next month to have it molded for him.
I think in this short time I have gotten you all caught up with what is going on here. Now that I have mommy's password to get phone, I should be able to keep you updated better.
Pei ess- I am including some pictures to accompany my story

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Silent Sunday

We got this idea from our friend Dexter. This is Cojak.