Saturday, June 12, 2010

Update from PeiLand

Mommy is upset and I'm upset. She is upset that for some dumb reason the laptop computer doesn't want to let her upload any pictures of her babies on here. I'm upset for the same reason especially because its not everyday she remembers to get on here to let me Chloe B blog my heart out.
I've been quite busy snoopervising around the house. There is this little bunny that keeps coming in the yard and no matter how much I tell her about it, mommy will not let me out to chase it down. I'm a very fast runner, and I really think maybe just maybe I might can snatch him up.
It's been very hot and humid today, so for the most part we all stayed inside in the nice air conditioning. Cojak stayed outside quite a bit though. He thinks he needs to snoopervise all day long. Good thing he was outside earlier. He got to see the deer up close. It was standing in the back yard, well that is until he came charging around the corner, then it took off in a fast run and hop. All you seen was the white tail bobbing up and down.
I won't take up too much time tonight, so that way maybe she will remember to let me back on tomorrow.
Til then, hugs and kisses!