Thursday, September 26, 2013

Mommy's not that great

She's making me miss posting all the happenings in our house. I have s few moments, do here's a run down of what's happened over the past few weeks.
First, I had to pee and I had to pee and not much would come out. I would be sleeping really good and.......then I would need to wake mommy up cause I thought I had to pee. She took me to see Dr Melton and they gave me some medicine and now I can pee again. The doctor said I had a nasty bladder infection, but going it's all gone now. Mommy has to take a sample up next week just to make sure.
Secondly, we put our doghouse up for sale!!! How exciting is that!?! Mommy says it's getting to be too much for Daddy to take care of everything. We are looking for a smaller place and a little less land. Hoping we get to move soon, but we will see.
Thirdly, Dakota had her first fever the other night. She did not feel well at all, but now seems to have bounced back. Mommy have her some medicine and she shivered for awhile but eventually got better. I have shar pei fever and mommy is praying that this is not the case with Dakota.
Lastly, Daddy went to the doctor the other day and said he needs to get a brace to help him walk better. He goes back next month to have it molded for him.
I think in this short time I have gotten you all caught up with what is going on here. Now that I have mommy's password to get phone, I should be able to keep you updated better.
Pei ess- I am including some pictures to accompany my story

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Silent Sunday

We got this idea from our friend Dexter. This is Cojak.