Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is what Mariah does the best!!!! She loves to nap!!! All the time. She follows me around everywhere outside though, that is until she realizes mommy isnt there and then she runs really fast back to the door to get inside. She is mommy's little shadow.

This is her when she was a young pup!!! She was sooo cute, well of course she stil is.

Nothing much else to report from Peiland, other than to say mommy says she gets the whole weekend off!!! I was really glad to hear this, until I realized this most likely means some doggies are going to get a bath!!! Uh-oh, I better go in search of a new hiding place.

Sniff ya later,


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dakota with her tongue out.

I have decided to enter my girl Dakota in the Spectacular-Tongue-tacular contest our new friend, Anna, is having on her bloggie.
Dakota had just finished eating can't you tell. LOL!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dakota Deciding

Dakota Deciding
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She takes all of about 3-5 minutes to get off the futon or the couch.
She gets up, front feet hit the floor, BIG stretch, and then she just stands there like she's trying to decide if she wants to get down or back her self back up and lay down again!
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Cojak turned 3 years old!!!!

Saturday was Cojak's 3rd birthday!!! He's a big boy mommy says!

He got his usual breakfast like we always do each morning. Daddy fixes us scrambled eggs and sausage sometimes we get a bit of bisquit also.

That night Cojak got extra sardines in his treat bowl, just like I did on my birthday.

Mommy doesn't let us play with toys because we all fight too much, so no new toys for him.

We all had a good day though, and got to chase lots and lots of leaves. The best part though for me was that mommy didn't have to work so I had extra cuddle time.

Pei Ess: Mommy said sorry she messed up on the water mark on this picture. It should have the word blogspot of course.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Scooter, the mini Shar Pei

The other day when Mommy tried to post our pixxy of all 6 of us, poor Scooter got cut off on the right hand size. This is Scooter, he is a Shar Pei but he is different than the rest of us. He is a mini horsecoat. He is only about 35lbs. and Cojak is a whopping 84lbs. so you see there is quite a bit of difference.
He is my daddy's doggie! Everywhere he goes Scooter is right behind him.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Picture of all of us together

My pal Mango said he'd like to see us all together, so my mommy dug up this picture of us to show again. From left to right its Cojak, the big guy, then my baby Mariah she follows me everywhere and when she isn't with me, she's with my mommy, then there's me, Chloe Belle. Next comes Dakota, Tink and finally the little bitty guy, Scooter. He is a mini pei and he also has the bone muzzle but he's still a pei, just a smaller version.
Hope you like our picture Mango, I'm sending pei kisses as well to you, cause you looked so handsome in your vampire costume!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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Some of us went outside today to look for the mean dog again. We did not see him and this is probably a good thing. My mommy is hoping the man takes care of his dog and keeps him put away so he don't hurt us or get hurt.
Other than that and watching daddy cut the grass not much was going on today.
The weather has warmed up a bit and mommy said we should get out and enjoy it cause its surely to turn cold soon.
I'm off to do some more investigating of things in my yard.
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Cojak on a mission!

Well, it just couldn't last long. The peace and quiet I mean. Mommy finally had a day off of work yesterday, so it was a snoozing Sunday for all of us! We had a fire going, daddy watched football and mommy slept off and on all day on the couch, so I had lots of cuddle time with her.

The peace and quiet ended though in the evening, when we were all inside except Cojak, and all the sudden mommy yelled, there's a dog out there!!!!

She and daddy went running out of the house, and daddy grabbed a broom. We all had to stay inside where they knew we were safe. Mommy told me all about it though when she came back in.

The mean doggie across the street came back, and daddy was going to go after it and shoo it back home, well, he was going to do more than just shoo it, but round the corner comes Cojak, on a mission to get the intruding doggie out of our yard. They got into a fight. Mommy grabbed the broom and started hitting the mean dog with the broom handle telling it to go home!! It got Cojak to the edge where he started to get shocked and he let go and backed up and the dog ran home! I think he may have hurt it some.

I hate to see doggies fighting so I'm glad I was in the house, but I don't want that dog to hurt none of my babies so I hope the dog may have learned its lesson and will stay at home.

Mommy doesn't want anything bad to happen, and neither do I.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Tinkerbell, my little pup

This is my Tink when she was just a little girl! Isn't she just soooooo cute?

This is my little Tink now!!!! She's not so little anymore! In fact she is taller than me and heavier than me, but just like human mommy's we furry ones always worry about our little ones when they are hurt.
My mommy and daddy are taking really good care of her though. Jonathan has been helping with holding her so she doesn't make a mad dash to the kitchen table. He holds her so they can clean and bandage her up again. Mommy said yesterday it is starting to look a bit better.
In other news the only thing to report today is that it was pretty cold outside. Cojak of course laid in the garage alot but the rest of us pei pretty much stayed inside where it was nice and warm. My daddy will be making a fire in the fireplace so it will be warm and comfy later for cuddling.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remembering Summer

Summer has come and gone, and I was just thinking about how pretty it was when all the flowers were out. Now they are all gone away until next summer. A good thing though is the pretty leaves are all different colors now, and I like to chase them when I am outside. Maybe mommy will take a picture of the pretty trees for me so I can post it.
Little Tinks leg still hasn't healed up. Mommy and Daddy are still taking care of it, but it hasn't gotten much better just yet. Mommy said she needs and idea of something to put on there to still allow some air to get to it, but to keep it protected from all the dirt. She's still thinking on that one.
The last few nights now, my daddy has had a fire going in the fireplace, its been so nice and toasty, I like to nap when its warm inside.
Catch you all later gotta go do some bird watching,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snuggle Time

Snuggle Time
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This is me going to sleep with my mommy. I have to make sure she has something to snuggle up next to.
Three of us get to sleep up here in the bed and the other three sleeps downstairs on our futon. Me, I gotta sleep with my mommy.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tink got attacked

Tink got attacked
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Yesterday a mean dog across the street from us came over and bit Tink on the leg. Several times. She has a bunch of wounds that Mommy is taking care of with some help. She's hoping it doesn't get infected and have to take her to the V E T. My daddy went over and told the man a few not nice things so I hope the man keeps his dog where it should be.
We wondered why Cojak didn't jump on the dog but my mommy says that she's pretty sure it all happened too close to our Invisible Fence line so no one would go near it. While Tink was being bitten she was most likely being shocked as well. Poor baby girl.
She hid under the table most of the night but finally came out to lay on the futon.
Mommy cleaned it really good today but she said it may still get infected.
It was not a good day yesterday.
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cojak had 2 tails

Again Mommy has been busy and seems like Chloe is getting less and less puter time to blog. We must do something about this situation. Anyway, just wanted to let all know that last week Cojak had 2 tails when Mommy came back from walking the driveway to get the newspaper.
He was prancing around like he wanted her to chase him, and she told him it was too early in the morning. Then she seen a new tail hanging out of his mouth! YUCK! It wasn't his tail, he had caught a mouse in the garage! That is so nasty! Then he'd toss it and run pick it up again! Boys are gross!!!!!
Until next bloggie,
Kiss from Chloe