Monday, August 5, 2013

Where he belongs

Mommy and Daddy got Scooter's box and put pretty pictures on it. Now Scooter and Passion share a shelf in the family room. Daddy seems better now, I guess each day will help. He played with each one of us last night and that was pretty fun. Glad to see him smile again. Gotta go check things out, outside. Catch ya later!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What's This??

Mommy went to the vet today to pick up thyroid meds for Cojak, and look who was waiting on her when she got there??
She walked in with this and I had to sniff to make sure. Yep, it's our little buddy, Scooter.
Mommy and Daddy ordered a nicer box to put him in and it should come tomorrow. I will post a picture of it when they get it on the shelf with our other pei we said goodbye to a few years ago, Passion.
I hope this is all the sadness we have for awhile. I don't like to see my daddy cry.