Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All Better

Well, today is another day and I'm back to my normal self. Thank you for all of you who were concerned about me yesterday. I really hate having FSF(shar pei fever) its really an awful thing to be stuck with.
The doctors haven't put me on colchicine yet but I do take a bunch of supplements to help out with my condition. Only good thing about that is I get lots of treats to help them go down better.
I hope I don't have anymore for a long time. They make mommy upset and I don't like when she worries.
Enough about me, we are up for the morning and went outside already and guess what!?! Yep, there's no Mr Sunshine today. It is suppose to rain here today and tomorrow!! I'm just a little tired of all this rain, aren't you or is it sunny where you live?
Time to cuddle with the rest of the gang on our futon. Catch ya later!!


  1. I am just so glad you're better. This Shar Pei fever is not fun at all. I hope it stays away from you from now on.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling much better now, Chloe... it's no fun having FSF sickies, and I wish those sickies would never come back. I guess there's one thing we all welcome, the sunshine :)

    Licks, hero