Friday, July 6, 2012

No more Stitches

Tink went to the vet this morning while we was all just getting up for the day. Her stitches got taken out and the vet says she may have to have surgery on her leg for her CCL. It appears to be messed up like the other leg was a few years ago. He gave her some medicine to help with the pain and told mommy to watch her closely.
It was 103 degrees outside today so mommy didn't let us go out too much.

This is what mommy's flowers are starting to look like. She says no matter how much water she puts in them, they just aren't doing good in the heat this year.
Mommy has never posted a video of me so we are going to try tonight. Hopefully this will show you what a good girl I am when mommy calls me.

YouTube Video

Catch ya tomorrow. Woof!
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