Sunday, June 21, 2009

Me and My Daddy!

I was soooo happy that my mommy finally got everything together for my award that I plum forgot to mention my special time with my daddy for Father's Day! I love my daddy and I had to give him extra kisses and lots of sniffs today to let him know how much I and the other pei here love and appreciate him.
We all gave daddy lots of love today, and paid special attention to his every need. Especially when he was eating that big steak at dinner time, we were right there in case he needed help. We all got to taste the num nums.
I think daddy knows just how much he means to us!


  1. That's very sweet of you Chloe to be right there in daddy's assistance during dinner... hehe :) Hope daddy has a wonderful Father's Day.

  2. Dad's know so many things. Especially how much their puppies love them. That's a great picture of you and your Dad. Happy Father's Day Chloe's Dad!


    Pei-Ess, thanks for the award!