Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Teaching Tuesday Lesson

My Mommy is slacking folks! She got busy today, and almost forgot to let me have my computer time. I told her I had to at least post a pretty picture so here it is! Isn't it pretty!?! This is my right after I had my puppies. 3 of them still live with us, that is Dakota, Tink and Mariah. I also had a little boy that now lives with my Grandad and Grandma, and I had another little girl, but she went away to live with another family. I miss her, but I still have my other 3 girls here.
This is my teaching Tuesday lesson, it is how to snuggle correctly. My friend Bolo, he does a teaching Tuesday session, so I thought I'd help out a bit. I love Bolo, he's my hero!
Sniff ya later guys!


  1. That's a lovely pic, Chloe. You looked so warmth and motherly snuggling with the pups. Please share more pics with us.


  2. What nice little pups. Ya know, my mom has been going through my old blogs and photos recently and commenting about how she loves to see old photos and most of the time they are new because she can't recall what she saw and didn't see. So more baby pictures would be great.

    Regarding toys. Don't feel badly. We are very toy limited around here, especially inside. The only inside toys we have are ones that are no longer interesting lest there be a scuffle. Even outside, we can't just leave stuff around for unsupervised playtime until it has lost that "brand new toy gimmie" luster.


  3. Oh yeah, that's the right way to snuggle. You guys look so comfy. Sigh. Mom went OOoooo!
    Thanks for saying I'm your hero Chloe, you made me blush.


  4. Ooo! that is a wonderful snuggling lesson. So cute!