Thursday, August 13, 2009


Don't I look bored? I am, my mommy has been a busy person this week, and I have not gotten to get on here. I let her know today that we must work something out. The Bella needs to have a say, just about every day, not just one time a week. She said she'd get better at giving me my computer time, we'll see.
Not actually alot to report around here. We have been staying inside alot. There was a rukus tonight however. Seems as though the human across the street didn't watch his dog, and she wandered over into our yard, BIG mistake! My daddy has gone over there and told the human that he needs to keep her away cause our Cojak will attack if she comes into his territory! Apparently she did today! By the time my daddy got around the house though, the human was taking his dog home, and Cojak was in rare form! Later daddy noticed that Scooter and Tink both had marks on them as well. He said he guesses that they ganged up on the doggie. I hope the human keeps his doggie where it should be! No no No, don't come in our yard big black doggie.


  1. Oh no!I hope the doggy stays on a leash when it is out of doors. Hope everyone heals up well. :)

  2. Some people, my goodness. Not all doggies understand the rules of going onto another dog's estate. They need their people to help them.

    Sorry things have been dull around the house. At least you aren't being tortured.


  3. Sounds like you need a Noseventure.


  4. Hi Chloe,

    Hope everyone is healing well and no more border trespassing from the neighbor's dog. Hope to see more of your pics soon.

    Licks, hero