Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Activities

I know, I know, its a bit late in the day to be blogging about my weekend, BUT my mommy was on the computer all the morning doing her games and such on FaceBook. Sheesh, can't a pei get some puter time!
My weekend in one word? H-O-T! and then some! Whew, I felt like I was melting everytime I had to go outside. Not long on each visit outdoors.
The most excitement that happened at our house,was Saturday, bit goofy Cojak rolled over in his sleep and hit the floor, yep, he fell off our bed, woke us all up really fast too. I was pei on the spot, thought it was someone coming into my mommy and daddys room, so I sat up and growled my deepest growl, only to find out it was just Cojak! Back to sleep we went.


  1. BOL, I can imagine Cojak falling off the bed and thumping the floor must have everyone on their toes :)

  2. Hope Cojak is ok. I've fallen off the bed once, but we were all awake at the time.


  3. Ooops for Cojak! It's super hot here too so we're staying near the vents!