Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cojak to the V-E-T

On Saturday Cojak and Scooter got into a little fight. Mommy and Daddy had to get them apart, and my daddy was very, very upset. He took Scooter in the house and me, mommy and the other pei all stayed outside for awhile. Later, when things calmed down, we went in and mommy cleaned out Cojak wounds. She didn't think they were too bad, but somehow missed the one of a big ol fang hole from Scooter on his leg. She cleaned it really good and put some stuff on it, but for some reason it still got infected.
This morning she got up and took Cojak to the v-e-t. When she came back she told daddy all about it. He needs a stitch or two but they want to allow time for the wound to drain some since it has an infection in it. Mommy told daddy that when they got there, Cojak walked in, looked and then put his arms up on mommy like he wanted her to pick him up.
The vet aide then put the big guy on the scale only to learn that he now weighs almost 83lbs! Wow! That's alot huh?
On to the room to wait on the doctor. Cojak peed everywhere when they put him up on the exam table, what's with him, it's really not that bad. Mommy said he kept trying to crawl up in her lap, boy that would be alot in your lap.
He's home now, with medicine to take and he has to take it easy. He also has to wear a t-shirt cause they couldn't put a bandage in that area.
I hope he heals up soon, but I hope he has learned a lesson, but probably not, he's just stubborn like that.
Shesh, Boys!
Hugs and kisses to all,


  1. Hi Chloe, hope Cojak's leg will recover soon... and no more dog fight with Scooter too. Cojak is much heavier than me at 83lbs. I'm only 52lbs.


  2. I hope he heals up soon too!!