Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two flew the coop

Thought I'd share my two babies that have grown up and are no longer living with us. This is Buddy, he is my only boy. He's a character, lots and lots of energy too.
My Grandma and Grandad got him to help guard their house.

This here is Layla, isn't she pretty! She lives up in northern Ohio with a very nice family now. They have 2 other Pei as well. I miss her though, hope she is a good girl.


  1. aw what cuties! so glad to hear that they're being taken care of

  2. I could be friends with them, they're very pei. Do they blog?

    Thanks for sharing the family photos Chloe!


  3. Buddy looks just like his siblings... and Layla looks so sweet. Have you seen her since then?