Friday, July 10, 2009

The Jealous Monster

Tonight Cojak and Scooter got into a fight!!!! I was outside patroling the grounds and I was doing a pretty good job too let me tell you!
Anyway, I started hearing all this growling and carrying on, so I was off at top speed to find out what was going on. I rounded the corner in the front of the house and see Cojak and Scooter just going at it, and Jonathan right in the middle trying to break them up. Whew! I'm glad my human didn't get hurt, he's still just a kid, well in my eyes anyway!
So the story is I heard from the pups that Jonathan came outside and was playing a bit with them, and was petting on Scooter, next thing ya know, guess who got jealous!?! Cojak is a jealous monster! He has to have all the attention, but sometimes Scooter wants some too.
My daddy was upset with Jonathan for not coming to get him so he could help, but Jonathan didn't want to leave Cojak alone with Scooter, cause Cojak is a BIG boy. It wasn't a bad fight, and only Scooter got a bit of blood around his ear.
Needless to say, Cojak is spending some time in Time Out!
Got get back to patroling my grounds now, sniff ya later!


  1. Glad your Jonathon is ok. Good thing you were there patrolling. Guess you're going to have to give Cojak and Scooter a talking to eh? Good luck with that.


  2. Pei-Ess, a Feed and Seed is a store that lets dogs go inside and sniff things. This one sells stuff for horses, bulbs, plants, dirt, fertilizer, fencing wire, dog food, and stuff. It smells SOOOOOOO good.


  3. Oh my dog! So glad to hear that Jonathan is ok. Hope the ear recovers ASAP

  4. Hope everyone is alright... sometimes the jealous monster can would unleash its dark side on an otherwise loving environment.