Monday, July 20, 2009

Morning all!

Morning all!
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This weekend was very restful as you can see from picture. I did a lot of cuddling with my mommy as she was sad about something. I think I cheered her up though.
We pei stayed inside and outside about equally. The weather has been really nice here lately but my mommy says its not normal whatever that means.
No body had to get baths so that was a big plus in our book. Dakota seems to be about the same. She still has to take her medicines but doesn't mind cause she gets them in nice treats.
Gotta start patrolling my territory outside looking to catch me a birdie.
Sniff ya later,
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  1. You look so comfy there. It's a good thing you cuddled your Mom all weekend Chloe, sometimes they need that. Actually, I find most times they needs that. Pei laughter! Have fun on patrol!


  2. A bath free weekend is something to celebrate!

  3. Aww you look so cute! I hope your mommy feels better after your cuddling. :)

  4. As the saying goes, a cuddle a day will keep the blues at bay... hope Dakota is recovering well.