Monday, October 12, 2009

Tink got attacked

Tink got attacked
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Yesterday a mean dog across the street from us came over and bit Tink on the leg. Several times. She has a bunch of wounds that Mommy is taking care of with some help. She's hoping it doesn't get infected and have to take her to the V E T. My daddy went over and told the man a few not nice things so I hope the man keeps his dog where it should be.
We wondered why Cojak didn't jump on the dog but my mommy says that she's pretty sure it all happened too close to our Invisible Fence line so no one would go near it. While Tink was being bitten she was most likely being shocked as well. Poor baby girl.
She hid under the table most of the night but finally came out to lay on the futon.
Mommy cleaned it really good today but she said it may still get infected.
It was not a good day yesterday.
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  1. Oh my... I'm so sorry to hear about this... hope Tink's leg gets better soon.

  2. That sounds really scary! Here in Master Chew Sits, ALL dog bites are supposed to be reported to the police, so you might want to think about doing that. Momma says maybe you might need to get some antibiotics just in case. I hope that Tink gets better soon, poor thing.


  3. Paws crosse for Tink!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hope nothing serious ya! I am sure mommy will give you lots of love & cuddles...tell her you deserve all the attention for the week.

    Licks, hero