Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Picture of all of us together

My pal Mango said he'd like to see us all together, so my mommy dug up this picture of us to show again. From left to right its Cojak, the big guy, then my baby Mariah she follows me everywhere and when she isn't with me, she's with my mommy, then there's me, Chloe Belle. Next comes Dakota, Tink and finally the little bitty guy, Scooter. He is a mini pei and he also has the bone muzzle but he's still a pei, just a smaller version.
Hope you like our picture Mango, I'm sending pei kisses as well to you, cause you looked so handsome in your vampire costume!


  1. Sorry folks, but Scooter was cut out of this picture, guess it was too big. Mommy said she'll post one of Scooter tomorrow.
    Chloe Belle

  2. Oh thank you. Now I know who everybody is. Such a stunning group.