Thursday, October 15, 2009

Remembering Summer

Summer has come and gone, and I was just thinking about how pretty it was when all the flowers were out. Now they are all gone away until next summer. A good thing though is the pretty leaves are all different colors now, and I like to chase them when I am outside. Maybe mommy will take a picture of the pretty trees for me so I can post it.
Little Tinks leg still hasn't healed up. Mommy and Daddy are still taking care of it, but it hasn't gotten much better just yet. Mommy said she needs and idea of something to put on there to still allow some air to get to it, but to keep it protected from all the dirt. She's still thinking on that one.
The last few nights now, my daddy has had a fire going in the fireplace, its been so nice and toasty, I like to nap when its warm inside.
Catch you all later gotta go do some bird watching,


  1. I had a sore leggy once and Mom and Dad took baby socks, cut off the toe bit and stuck it on my leg. I didn't like it, but it kind of worked. I guess. Get better soon Tink!


  2. I like the idea of a sock, but Tink might need a cone too so that she doesn't pester it. She'll have to stay inside as much as possible too I guess.

    Momma says to take her temperature to make sure she doesn't have a fever. I know what that means. Tell her to watch out...


  3. hope that Tink's leg gets better soon...