Monday, October 19, 2009

Cojak on a mission!

Well, it just couldn't last long. The peace and quiet I mean. Mommy finally had a day off of work yesterday, so it was a snoozing Sunday for all of us! We had a fire going, daddy watched football and mommy slept off and on all day on the couch, so I had lots of cuddle time with her.

The peace and quiet ended though in the evening, when we were all inside except Cojak, and all the sudden mommy yelled, there's a dog out there!!!!

She and daddy went running out of the house, and daddy grabbed a broom. We all had to stay inside where they knew we were safe. Mommy told me all about it though when she came back in.

The mean doggie across the street came back, and daddy was going to go after it and shoo it back home, well, he was going to do more than just shoo it, but round the corner comes Cojak, on a mission to get the intruding doggie out of our yard. They got into a fight. Mommy grabbed the broom and started hitting the mean dog with the broom handle telling it to go home!! It got Cojak to the edge where he started to get shocked and he let go and backed up and the dog ran home! I think he may have hurt it some.

I hate to see doggies fighting so I'm glad I was in the house, but I don't want that dog to hurt none of my babies so I hope the dog may have learned its lesson and will stay at home.

Mommy doesn't want anything bad to happen, and neither do I.



  1. OMD! I cannot believe that owner is leaving his dogs to bother your babies!!! UGH!!! I hope Cojak feels ok.

  2. This sounds just terrible! I hope that owner can learn to keep his dog under control. It is making everybody miserable.