Friday, October 9, 2009

Cojak had 2 tails

Again Mommy has been busy and seems like Chloe is getting less and less puter time to blog. We must do something about this situation. Anyway, just wanted to let all know that last week Cojak had 2 tails when Mommy came back from walking the driveway to get the newspaper.
He was prancing around like he wanted her to chase him, and she told him it was too early in the morning. Then she seen a new tail hanging out of his mouth! YUCK! It wasn't his tail, he had caught a mouse in the garage! That is so nasty! Then he'd toss it and run pick it up again! Boys are gross!!!!!
Until next bloggie,
Kiss from Chloe


  1. Humph, the smart thing to do is to eat it and fast before mommy gets the notion of taking it away.


  2. That sounds so familiar... ain't that the same mouth mommy would kiss nonetheless :)

    Licks, hero